Logo and Digital Marketing Designs

Client: Healthy Exchange by Jill Patton

Services provided: Creative direction and design of a logo and digital marketing materials

Jill Patton, a health and wellness journalist and functional-medicine certified health coach, created Healthy Exchange, a free online gathering where people can explore facets of well-being and learn to apply new skills in their lives. This project, which is part podcast and part group coaching experience, needed a brand identity and accompanying digital pieces to be used in its promotion. Jill wanted the brand to “feel balanced — passionate but not hyper; grounded but not stuck” and to have “a feeling of movement or mobility that’s dynamic without being fast-paced.” Her target audience is ambitious, heart-forward women who are leaders in their communities, their careers, and their families, and her goal is to help them “find ways to sustain the life they want to live.”

Catalog cover text says, "Give the gift of Books"