We’re here to bring your vision into focus.


Your vision = Our mission.

Our projects are designed and developed to your specifications and needs. We know that every client is different, and each one deserves a unique approach.

Digital & Traditional

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& Implementation

Our mission is to bring your vision into focus in a creative, unique way that’s not cookie-cutter. In an ever-changing business environment, we can help transform your goals into realities, letting your vision bloom and evolve.


We’re a Collaborative Partnership

As a smaller company, we offer several benefits not available at larger agencies:

  • We work with your needs, whatever they may be. We build a team specific to those needs, with the right expertise for the project.
  • We provide personal service. You’ll work directly with our partners, and we take on a smaller number of clients to be able to guarantee attention to detail.
  • Each project we work on is custom-fit to the client. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Our size allows us to be nimble and flexible. You don’t face layers of slow-moving bureaucracy.
  • It’s critical that our team and yours are a good fit for projects to be successful. We mutually select each other to build a strong foundation.

We can work with budgets large and small. Thanks to not having huge corporate overhead, we have the latitude to provide budget-friendly solutions.


Solberg Creative: Bringing beauty and insight into sharp focus for practical, yet imaginative and inspiring solutions.

MN Agriculture in the Classroom hired Solberg Creative LLC to modernize and bring to life our 30-year-old cornerstone product, the AgMag elementary curriculum. Their ability to be forward-thinking, innovative, creative, and understanding of our audiences was great for our projects.

— Joel Mathiowetz, Former Executive Director of MN Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

The word "Kaleidoscope" is rooted in the three Ancient Greek words:

Kalos:  Beauty
Eidos:  That which is seen (form, shape)
Skopeo:  To examine

Kaliedoscope:  Observation of beautiful forms