Every business faces challenges when employees want or need time off. Whether it’s the December holidays, winter or summer vacations, cold and flu season rearing its ugly head, maternity and paternity leave–these are all things that can cause your marketing department to begin running behind. What can you do when marketing deadlines loom, and there’s temporarily not enough staff? If only there were such a thing as an external marketing department…

Call Solberg Creative.

Solberg Creative is your answer. We’re not just available for long-term, beginning-to-end projects. Think of us as your external marketing agency or personal temp service—need help with graphic design? Content development and writing? Project management? We can pinch-hit and take the stress off while assisting you in getting those key deadlines completed, even if regular staff isn’t available.

Need some help? Here’s a list of our services, and here’s where you can contact us. We’re ready and waiting to help make your deadlines be completed as smoothly as possible–and right on time.