There are many reasons to hire a project manager to oversee projects your organization needs to complete on time and in budget. Those projects can be large or small; even small projects can benefit from having a dedicated project manager when existing staff don’t have the bandwidth to manage them. Here are some of the primary reasons to consider hiring a professional project manager:

Plans and resources

A project manager will help plan the project and make sure needed resources will be available. But more than that, an experienced project manager will have insight into how to manage the planning project and may be aware of resource needs you haven’t thought about. This can save time and money as the project goes on.


Preparing a project budget is a critical factor in its success. A good project manager understands the ins and outs of budgeting and will keep a close eye on how the budget is doing as the project goes on. This can help avoid unpleasant surprises late in the project—or it can foresee that the budget needs to be revisited because of project scope change that not only changes the project, but the project’s budget.


Communication is a key factor in a project’s success. Making sure the right people are kept informed is important, but so is making sure that the right information goes to the right person. A CEO needs different types of information than the marketing manager does. Keeping close watch on communication and keeping channels open and flowing is key.

Timelines and deadlines

Projects can have several components that are being handled by different people. A project manager will develop a project plan with a timeline showing when various aspects need to be completed (and who’s responsible for them) in order for the entire project to be completed on time and in budget. The project manager will also communicate with everyone involved about the status of those deadlines and any changes that take place along the way.

Basically, a project manager is ultimately responsible for seeing that projects are delivered on time, in budget, and within the scope, managing all the moving pieces and parts. 


Ready to Learn More?

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Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash