There’s a lot of chatter about branding in marketing circles these days, to the point where it might sound like corporate jargon. But lingo of the day aside, branding isn’t a new concept. It’s also not an easily quantified tangible item, but it is a critically important part of your business and marketing plans. Here’s why.

Recognition. Strong branding helps your business become recognizable (and, once upon a time, these top brands started small). It takes time and effort—the Nike swoosh didn’t become iconic overnight. But putting in thought and planning from the get-go can help your org develop a brand that potential customers instantly recognize and identify with.

Clear purpose and strategy. A properly developed brand and logo mean something to those potential customers. Think of the aforementioned Nike swoosh, or the Starbucks siren. People see those logos and instantly know not only which company they are, but they implicitly understand the goals of those companies, Nike for high-quality sportswear and gear and Starbucks for taking care of the individual through drinks and gathering places.

Creates consistency. Developing branding helps you and your company create consistent marketing strategies and messages. Consider consistency to be an excellent guide or blueprint to build trust and reliability. It can make it easier for your customers to remember you, not to mention talk about you to their friends and neighbors. That in turn strengthens brand awareness.

Increases credibility. There’s a subliminal effect to good brand development, and that’s how it creates a sense of credibility. If your branding is all over the place—no distinct style, color, set of logos, set of messages—the overall message is: We don’t know what we’re doing. The opposite happens when the brand is honed and refined. The outcome of that is not subliminal; credibility helps you charge what you or your business/products are worth.

Builds recognition. Yes, we already talked about recognition. We’re repeating this on purpose. It’s that important. Recognition is part one of the branding holy grail: Making sure new and existing customers easily recognize you. It helps customers know what to expect.

Generates repeat business and customer loyalty. And this is why recognition is so important: Customers become attached to your brand when they believe that they share the same values as your brand. A solid, consistent, recognizable brand helps you attract the kind of customers your business needs—and keeps them coming back.

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